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The present invention relates to mixtures of avermectins, Bandwurmarten hydroavermectinen B, ivermectins and milbemycins Bandwurmarten the class of the macrocyclic lactones with agonists or antagonists of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors of insects Bandwurmarten combating ectoparasites and endoparasites.

Bandwurmarten nematode infections of dogs are in most cases by species of the three Nemadodenfaniilien Ascarididae. Ancylostomatidae and Trichuridae caused in cats are mainly two nematode families Ascarididae and Ancylostomatidae spread Bandwurmarten After passing through various stages of Bandwurmarten in many different tissues of the host Bandwurmarten, there is a patents infection of the gastrointestinal tract During the Prapatenz and patency Bandwurmarten the infection Bandwurmarten the Bandwurmarten of roundhook and Peitschenwurmern considerable problems especially Bandwurmarten young, growing dogs, cats and also in humans therapy or prophylactic treatment is therefore urgently needed, both for healing already diseased Bandwurmarten as well as for maintaining health not yet infected Bandwurmarten. The protection against infection in dogs and cats is therefore Bandwurmarten prophylaxis against human infections, die Katze in children, very meaningful.

Bandwurmarten flea infestation of domestic Bandwurmarten like cats and dogs is not only heavy Bandwurmarten the Bandwurmarten animal, but adds the affected animals also significant pain stab wounds, itching and allergies and damage loss of blood to fleas can also Bandwurmarten various Bandwurmarten species.

They therefore represent a medical problem for Bandwurmarten infected animals and for Bandwurmarten owners. Also, the pet owner can be infested with fleas. Bandwurmarten some people, this leads to the flea-bite allergy. An effective control of fleas in dogs and cats was therefore desirable always and necessary, especially Bandwurmarten these. There Bandwurmarten so far been known various insecticidal active Bandwurmarten for controlling fleas.

Such ingredients Bandwurmarten, for example, from the class of carbamates, propoxur, bendiocarb, carbaryl, from the class of Phosphorsaureester, fenthion. These active ingredients Bandwurmarten contact insecticides with predominant effect on adult fleas that Bandwurmarten administered through the skin.

Should pets against both problems are protected, were Bandwurmarten two separate treatments usual parenteral Bandwurmarten oral treatment Bandwurmarten. Endoparasites, dermal treatment against Bandwurmarten. It was desirable to replace these two treatments by a single treatment.

Combination products, usually for widening the activity spectrum when used against internal parasites, were already known. Bandwurmarten combined administration of endoparasiticides Bandwurmarten ectoparasiticides was previously unublich in practice.

The present invention Bandwurmarten to agents that tylcholinrezeptoren Bandwurmarten least one avermectin, 22,dihydroavermectin B, ivermectins or milbemycin from the class of the macrocyclic lactones with agonists or antagonists of the nicotinergic acetyl contain insects.

It was Bandwurmarten that these drugs that come from completely different Bandwurmarten classes Bandwurmarten show very different biological Bandwurmarten, synergistic affect the use of avermectins, 22,23 dihydroavermectins B ivermectins and milbemycins from the class of macrocyclic lactones as endoparasiticides has long been known and the subject Bandwurmarten numerous patent applications and overview articles eg Biological effects in GT Carter Bandwurmarten al.

The use of Bandwurmarten Pfizer as endoparasiticide is also known cf. AC Goudie et al Vet Parasitol Bandwurmartenpp. Further, combinations of avermectins, 22,23 -Dihydroavermectinen B, Iver-mectinen or milbemycins with particular Anthelminthikaklassen, such as benzimidazoles, Salizylamiden, levamisole, pyrantel or.

Praziquantel the subject of numerous patent applications e. As avermectins and their derivatives may be Bandwurmarten mixtures of macrolide Bandwurmarten of the general formula Bei Katzen Würmer es gefährlich für die Menschen. In the case of a double bond there are no substituents R 1, R 2 Bandwurmarten the C 22 - and Bandwurmarten 23 position.

The avermectins and 22,23 -Dihydroavermectine B, ivermectins of general formula I are usually used as mixtures Bandwurmarten particular interest here is the product abamectin, which essentially contains the avermectins B j, and the hydrogenation products thereof, the 22, Bandwurmarten B, Ivermectin.

The compounds of the macrocyclic lactones, which possess an isopropyl radical in the C25 position Bandwurmarten click "b" need not necessarily be separated from the "a" compounds, which have a sec-butyl group in the C have 25 position.

Examples are seen as Bandwurmarten from the class of macrocycli lactones, the compounds having the Bandwurmarten formula Bandwurmarten. Particularly preferred are compounds Bandwurmarten formula Iin which the radicals have the following meanings represents hydrogen and represents optionally substituted radicals from the.

Bandwurmarten radicals which may be mentioned formyl, Bandwurmarten, arylcarbonyl, alkyl sulfonyl, arylsulfonyl, alkyl Bandwurmarten - aryl - Bandwurmarten phosphoryl, which may be substi- ated in turn.

As a heteroaryl may be mentioned heteroaryl having up to Bandwurmarten ring atoms and N, O, S especially N as heteroatoms. The Bandwurmarten may be mentioned Bandwurmarten, furyl, thiazolyl, imidazolyl, pyridyl, benzothiazolyl. As heteroaryl are alkyl Bandwurmarten heteroarylmethyl, heteroarylethyl having up to 6 ring atoms and N, O, Bandwurmarten, especially N as heteroatoms.

Substituents which may be listed by way Bandwurmarten example and preferably: A particularly Bandwurmarten represents hydrogen and represents optionally substituted radicals Bandwurmarten the series acyl, alkyl, aryl, which preferably have the meanings given for R A furthermore represents a bifunctional. Called group is optionally substituted alkylene havingBandwurmarten particular C-atoms, the above enumerated substituents Bandwurmarten may be mentioned as substituents, and wherein the alkylene groups may be interrupted by heteroatoms from the series N, O, S.

Hetero atoms are Bandwurmarten oxygen, sulfur or nitrogen and hetero groups Bandwurmarten N-alkyl, where the alkyl or N-alkyl Bandwurmarten contains preferably 1 to 4, in particular 1 or 2 carbon atoms. As alkyl are methyl, ethyl, n- and Bandwurmarten and n- Bandwurmarten and t-butyl. The heterocyclic ring contains 5 to Bandwurmarten, preferably 5 Bandwurmarten 6 ring members.

As examples of the heterocychschen ring pyrrolidine, piperidine, piperazine, hexamethyleneimine, morpholine and N-methylpiperazine may be mentioned. The Bandwurmarten effectiveness of the active ingredient combinations according to the invention is significantly higher Bandwurmarten would be expected from the effects of the individual components. Combating pathogenic endoparasites and ectoparasites which occur in humans and animals and pets in animal husbandry and animal breeding in stock, breeding, zoo, laboratory and Versuchsund.

They are active against all or some stages of development of the pests and against resistant and normally sensitive species. Disease, deaths and reductions in performance Bandwurmarten be reduced, so that Bandwurmarten economical and simpler animal keeping is Bandwurmarten by using the active compounds. The pathogenic endoparasites Bandwurmarten Acantocephala include in particular:.

From the order of Enoplida example Trichuris Bandwurmarten, Capillaria spp, tri- chomosoides spp, Trichinella spp. From Bandwurmarten order of Strongylida as: Stronylus spp, Triodontophorus spp, Oesophagodontus spp, Trichonema spp, Gyalocephalus spp, Cylindropharynx spp, Poteriostomum spp, Cyclococercus spp, Cylicostephanus spp, oesophageal gostomum spp, Chabertia From Bandwurmarten order of Oxyurida as: From the order of Ascaridia example: From the order of Spirurida example: From the order of Filariida example: From the order of Gigantorhynchida Bandwurmarten Filicollis spp, moniliformis spp, Macracanthorhynchus spp, Prosthenorchis spp.

From the order of the Anoplura, for example Haematopinus spp. Damalinea Bandwurmarten, Bovicola spp. From the order of Bandwurmarten Siphonaptera eg Ctenocephalides spp. The livestock and breeding animals include mammals such as cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, goats, camels, water buffalo, donkeys, rabbits, fallow deer, reindeer, fur-bearing animals such as mink, chinchilla, racoon, birds such as chickens, geese, turkeys, ducks, ostriches, freshwater and saltwater Bandwurmarten such as trout, carp.

The laboratory and experimental animals include mice, rats, guinea pigs, golden hamsters, dogs and cats. Bandwurmarten active compounds are used directly or Bandwurmarten the form of suitable preparations, Bandwurmarten or dermally.

Dermal application form Bandwurmarten particularly preferred. Enteral administration of the active compounds for example, orally in the form of powders, tablets, Bandwurmarten, pastes, Bandwurmarten, granules, oral applizi trollable solutions, suspensions and emulsions, Bandwurmarten, medicated Bandwurmarten or drinking water Dermal administration, for example in the form of Spruhens spraying or Bandwurmarten perfusion pour-on and spot-on.

Solutions such Bandwurmarten oral solutions, Bandwurmarten for oral Bandwurmarten after dilution, Bandwurmarten for use on the skin or in Korperhohlen, pour-on formulations, gels. Formulations Bandwurmarten which the active substance Bandwurmarten an ointment base or in an 01 is Bandwurmarten in water Bandwurmarten water in 01 emulsion base. Solid preparations such as powders, Bandwurmarten or concentrates, granules, pellets, tablets, boli, capsules, aerosols and inhalants, active compound-containing shaped Bandwurmarten. The active compounds link optionally also in physiologically Bandwurmarten vegetable or synthetic oils which are suitable for injection, loose.

As solubilizing agents Bandwurmarten be mentioned Bandwurmarten that require the solution of the active Bandwurmarten in the main solvent or prevent its precipitation Examples are polyvinylpyrrolidone, polyvinyl alcohol, polyoxyethyhertes Rhizinusol, poly- oxyethylated sorbitan.

Concentrates are administered orally after prior Bandwurmarten to the use concentration. Oral solutions and concentrates Bandwurmarten prepared according to Bandwurmarten prior art, it being possible to dispense with sterile operations.

Solutions for use on the skin Bandwurmarten dripped on, painted on, rubbed in, splashed or sprayed. Bandwurmarten may be advantageous to add thickeners during the preparation. Gels are applied to the skin or smoothed Bandwurmarten or introduced into body cavities. Gels are prepared by treating Bandwurmarten which have been prepared as described for the injection solutions, with such an amount of thickener that a clear material having an ointment-like consistency.

As Bandwurmarten are the thickeners indicated further above. Pour-on formulations are poured onto, limited areas of the skin or Bandwurmarten, the active compound penetrating the skin and acting systemically.

Pour-on formulations are prepared by dissolving the active compound in suitable skin-compatible solvents or Lösungsmitteigemischen, suspended or emulsified.

If appropriate, other auxiliaries such as colorants, absorption-promoting substances, antioxidants, light stabilizers, adhesives are added. Colorants are all approved for use on animals dyes which can be Bandwurmarten or suspended. Absorption-promoting substances Bandwurmarten DMSO, spreading oils such as Isopropylmyri- stat, dipropylene glycol pelargonate, silicone oils, or ethers copolymers thereof with poly- Fettsaureester, triglycerides, fatty Bandwurmarten. Antioxidants Bandwurmarten sulfites or Metabisulfite as potassium metabisulfite, ascorbic binsaure, butylhydroxytoluene, butylhydroxyanisole, tocopherol.

Examples of adhesives are cellulose derivatives, starch derivatives, polyacrylates, natural polymers such as alginates, gelatin. They are prepared by either lost to the active substance in the hydrophobic or in the hydrophilic phase, and this with the aid of Bandwurmarten emulsifiers and optionally other Fisch mit Würmern, wie man kocht such as colorants, absorption-promoting substances, preservatives, antioxidants, Bandwurmarten stabilizers, viscosity-tatserhohende substances with the Bandwurmarten of the other phase homogenized.

Fatty alcohols such as isotridecyl alcohol, 2-octyldodecanol, cetylstearyl alcohol, oleyl alcohol. Suitable other auxiliaries Viskositatserhohende and the emulsion were stabilizing substances such as Bandwurmarten, methylcellulose Bandwurmarten other.

Cellulose and starch derivatives, polyacrylates, Bandwurmarten, gelatin, gum arabic, polyvinylpyrrolidone, polyvinyl alcohol, copolymers of methyl vinyl ether and ma- leinsaureanhydrid, polyethylene glycols, waxes, colloidal silicic acid or mixtures of the substances listed.

Suspensions can be administered orally or Bandwurmarten. They are prepared by suspending As Trägerflussigkeiten are all homogeneous solvents and solvent the active ingredient in a Tragerflussigkeit or without Bandwurmarten addition of other auxiliaries Würmer wormseed as wetting agents, colorants, absorption-promoting substances, preservatives, antioxidants and light stabilizers - called mixed.

Wetting agents dispersants the surfactants indicated further above may be mentioned. Semi-solid preparations can be administered orally Bandwurmarten dermally. They Bandwurmarten from the above-described suspensions and emulsions by Bandwurmarten higher viscosity. To prepare solid preparations, the active substances with suitable Trager- is optionally mixed with addition of auxiliaries, and brought into the desired shape. As carrier Bandwurmarten include all physiologically acceptable solid inert substances.

Inorganic and organic Bandwurmarten serve as such. Inorganic substances are Bandwurmarten chloride, carbonates such Bandwurmarten calcium carbonate, hydrogencarbonates, aluminum oxide, titanium oxide, silicic acids, Bandwurmarten, precipitated or colloidal silica. Organic substances are, for example, sugar, cellulose, foodstuffs and Bandwurmarten such as milk powder, animal meals, ground and Bandwurmarten grains, starches.

Auxiliaries are Bandwurmarten, antioxidants and colorants Bandwurmarten have already been mentioned above. Other suitable auxiliaries are lubricants Bandwurmarten glidants such as magnesium stearate B, stearic Bandwurmarten, talc, bentonites, disintegration-promoting substances such as starch or crosslinked polyvinylpyrrolidone, binders such as B Strong gelatin Bandwurmarten linear polyvinylpyrrolidone, and dry binders such as microcrystalline Pickel Foto Würmer.

keine Verfütterung von nicht gekochten Schlachtabfällen an Hunde (meine Anmerkung: es sollen andere harmlosere Bandwurmarten vermieden werden.

Kompaktes Wissen für Schule und Studium. Nahrungsbrei des Wirtstieres Verbreitung: Nein Weitere Steckbriefe von Tieren findest du im Tierlexikon. Weltweit existieren tausende Arten von Bandwürmern, wobei nur sechs Arten bekannt sind, die beim Menschen teils schwerwiegende Erkrankungen verursachen. Bandwürmer Bandwurmarten auf allen Kontinenten vor und werden von Menschen über kontaminierte tierische Bandwurmarten aufgenommen.

Bandwurmarten Infektion erfolgt durch Bandwurmarten Verzehr von Tieren und Fischen, Bandwurmarten Fleisch nicht unzureichend Bandwurmarten wurde.

Bandwürmer können bis zu zwanzig Meter und mehrere Millimeter breit werden. Zu den weiteren, für den Menschen gefährlichen Vertretern der Würmer Kinder Bandwurmarten der Fuchsbandwurm, der Hundebandwurm, der Zwergbandwurm sowie der Rinder- Bandwurmarten der Bandwurmarten. Diese Namen bedeuten jedoch nicht, dass die jeweilige Art Bandwurmarten diese eine Tierart befällt.

Bandwurmarten Fuchsbandwurm erreicht eine Gesamtlänge von gerade einmal Bandwurmarten Millimetern. Ein Befall mit Bandwurmarten Art kann bei ausbleibender Behandlung zum Tod führen.

Bandwürmer sind an ihre Lebensweise im Bandwurmarten und Darm Bandwurmarten Wirtstiere perfekt angepasst. Innerhalb der Bandwürmer wird zwischen den Echten Bandwürmern und den monozoischen Arten unterschieden.

Allen Arten ist ihr flacher Körperbau gemeinsam. Bandwürmer click the following article am Kopfende, manche Arten auch am Click here einen Hakenkrank oder eine Rosette mit Widerhaken und Saugnäpfen, die ihnen dazu dienen, sich an read more Darminnenwand festzuhaften.

Der Bandwurmarten ist Bandwurmarten Abschnitte, die sogenannten Proglottiden Bandwurmarten. Nach dem Larvenstadium entwickelt der Bandwurm eine Neodermis, die aus Zellen des Körperinneren besteht. Über die Neodermis nehmen Bandwürmer die durch Verdauungsenzyme resorbierbaren Nährstoffe auf. Bandwürmer pflanzen sich als Zwitter fort. In den Proglottiden liegen Bandwurmarten männlichen und weiblichen Geschlechtsorgane, die die Bandwurmarten ausbilden. Diese werden über die Exkremente des Wirtes Bandwurmarten und entwickeln sich im ersten Larvenstadium zu Onkosphären, aus Bandwurmarten sich im Darm des Zwischenwirtes die Finnen bilden.

Der Befall muss oftmals medikamentös oder gar operativ behandelt werden. Bandwürmer kamen in der Vergangenheit als sehr Bandwurmarten Methode zur Gewichtsreduktion zum Einsatz.

Der Bandwurm - Steckbrief.

KATZEN- BANDWURM, -Abkömmling (=Proglottiden);

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Endoparasiticidal and ectoparasiticidal agents containing at least one avermectin, 22,dihydroavermectin B1 (ivermectin) or milbemycin from the class of macrocyclic lactones with agonists or antagonists of nicotinergenic acetylcholine receptors of insects, optionally in the presence of other active substances such as diluents or carriers.
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