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Profender Tropfen von Würmern

Estimated Profender Tropfen von Würmern within 2 working days. Profender is used to treat cats against roundworms and tapeworms. It is provided as a convenient spot-on type of medication to enable easier dosing of cats. Profender is suitable for use on cats over 0. A single application is sufficient for one treatment. Repeat treatment needs to be as often as required for the individual cat click at this page question, though once every 3 months is usually appropriate.

Profender is safe to use in cats during pregnancy or lactation. Profender spot-on solution for cats is a clear yellow to brown solution containing The product Profender Tropfen von Würmern presented in a single use plastic tube for dermal spot-on application.

Profender spot-on Profender Tropfen von Würmern for small cats is Profender Tropfen von Würmern 0. Profender spot-on continue reading for medium cats is a 0. Profender spot-on solution for large cats is a 1. For cats suffering from, or at risk from, mixed parasitic infections caused by roundworms and tapeworms of the following species:.

A single administration per treatment is effective. Remove one pipette from package. Hold pipette Profender Tropfen von Würmern upright position, twist and Profender Tropfen von Würmern off cap and use the opposite end of the cap to break the seal.

Place the tip of the pipette on the skin and squeeze firmly several times to empty the contents directly onto the skin. Application on the base of the skull will Profender Tropfen von Würmern the ability of the cat to lick the product off. Avoid the treated cat or other cats in the household licking the site of application while it is wet.

Salivation, vomiting and neurological signs tremor were observed occasionally when the product was administered at up to 10 times the recommended dose in adult cats and up to 5 times the recommended dose in kittens.

These symptoms were thought to occur as a result of the cat licking the application site. The symptoms were completely reversible.

There is no known specific antidote. Emodepside is a substrate for P-glycoprotein. Http:// potential clinical consequences of such interactions have not been investigated. Profender Tropfen von Würmern or immersion of the animal in water directly after treatment may reduce the efficacy of the product.

Treated animals therefore should not be bathed until the solution has dried. There is limited experience on the use of the product in sick Profender Tropfen von Würmern debilitated animals, thus the product should only be used based on a benefit-risk assessment for these animals.

Parasite resistance to any particular class of anthelmintic may develop following frequent, Profender Tropfen von Würmern use of an anthelmintic Profender Tropfen von Würmern that class.

The solvent in this product may stain certain materials including leather, fabrics, plastics and finished surfaces. Allow the application site to dry before permitting contact with such materials. Avoid direct contact with application area while it is wet. Keep children away from treated see more during that time.

If the product accidentally gets into eyes, they should be thoroughly flushed with plenty of water. If skin or eye symptoms persist, or in case of accidental ingestion, seek medical advice and show the package insert or the label to the physician. Care should be taken not to allow children to have prolonged intensive contact for example, by sleeping with treated cats during the first 24 hours after application of the product.

Frequent users of the product for example, veterinarians, professional cat breeders should wear disposable gloves when administering the product. Although the product was well tolerated by pregnant cats, studies performed in rats and rabbits suggest that emodepside may interfere with embryo-foetal development. Therefore, women of child-bearing potential should avoid contact with, or wear disposable gloves when administering, the product.

Profender should not be allowed to enter surface water as emodepside Profender Tropfen von Würmern shown harmful effects on aquatic organisms. Any unused veterinary medicinal product or waste materials derived from such veterinary medicinal products should be disposed of in accordance with local requirements. White polypropylene pipettes with caps in aluminium blisters.

Blister packs containing 2 or 40 unit dose pipettes. Emodepside is a semi-synthetic Profender Tropfen von Würmern belonging to the new chemical group of depsipeptides. It is active against roundworms ascarids and hookworms. In this product, emodepside is responsible for the efficacy against Toxocara cati, Toxascaris leonina, and Ancylostoma tubaeforme.

It acts at the neuromuscular junction by stimulating presynaptic receptors belonging to the secretin receptor family which results in paralysis and death of the parasites. Praziquantel is a pyrazinoisoquinoline derivative effective against tapeworms such as Dipylidium caninum, Echinococcus multilocularis, and Taenia taeniaeformis. This results in severe damage to the parasite integument, contraction and paralysis, disruption of metabolism and finally leads to the death of the parasite.

After topical application of this product to cats at the minimum therapeutic dose of 0. Maximum concentrations were reached for emodepside 3. Both active substances are then slowly eliminated from the serum with a half-life of 9. After oral application in the rat, emodepside is distributed to all organs. Highest concentration levels are found in the fat. Faecal Profender Tropfen von Würmern predominates with unchanged emodepside and hydroxylated derivatives as the major excretion products.

Studies in many different species show that praziquantel is rapidly metabolised in the liver. The main metabolites are monohydroxycyclohexyl derivatives of praziquantel. Echinococcosis represents a hazard for humans. As Echinococcosis is a notifiable disease to the OIE, specific guidelines on the treatment and follow-up, and on the safeguard of persons, need to be obtained from the relevant competent authority.

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We will explain the process at this stage for you. Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Profender Spot-on Solution for Cats, including answers from our team. Can I use this one foe my dog: Unfortunately this product is only made for cats. We cannot recommend it is used on a dog as it might well be ineffective and possibly unsafe.

I have to say it would be better to use a worming tablet or perhaps one of the spot-on formulations which are intended for dogs they are prescription only though. The data sheet mentions 6 types of worm, 3 species of roundworm and 3 Profender Tropfen von Würmern of tapeworm. It might well so more than this, but has only been tested Profender Tropfen von Würmern the named species. We use cookies on our site to give you the best Profender Tropfen von Würmern possible.

Carry on shopping if you're happy with this, or you can find out more about cookies here. Profender Spot-on Solution for Cats. Or sign up for a. Regular Delivery Save time. Presentation Profender spot-on solution for cats is a clear yellow to brown solution containing Uses For cats suffering from, or at risk from, mixed parasitic infections caused by roundworms and tapeworms of the following species: Roundworms Nematodes Toxocara cati mature adult, immature adult, L4 and L3 Toxascaris leonina mature adult, immature adult and L4 Ancylostoma tubaeforme mature adult, immature adult and L4 Tapeworms Cestodes Dipylidium caninum adult Taenia taeniaeformis adult Echinococcus multilocularis adult.

Administration Use During Pregnancy and Profender Tropfen von Würmern Profender can be used during pregnancy and lactation. Contra-indications, warnings, etc Do not use in Profender Tropfen von Würmern under 8 weeks of age or weighing less than 0. Apply only to the skin surface and on intact skin. Do not administer orally or parenterally.

User Safety Source the package Profender Tropfen von Würmern before use. Do not smoke, eat or drink during application. Wash hands after use.

Tropfen - Wiktionary Profender Tropfen von Würmern

In Ihrem Webbrowser ist JavaScript Profender Tropfen von Würmern. Um alle Funktionen dieser Webseite Profender Tropfen von Würmern zu können, muss JavaScript aktiviert sein. Sorry ,das hilft laut Herstellerangaben nur gegen sämtliche Würmer, Wer hat dir denn gesagt das es auch Profender Tropfen von Würmern Flöhe und Milben wirken soll?

Wurde zur erleichterten Entwurmung auch bereits von jemandem hier im Forum gepostet,weiss nur grad den Thread nicht Eins gegen alle Bayer HealthCare Profender Tropfen von Würmern erstes Breitband-Spot-on gegen Endoparasiten auf den Markt. Die Profender Tropfen von Würmern wird wenigen Tropfen auf die Haut des Tieres geträufelt.

Das source Medikament enthält den bewährten Wirkstoff Praziquantel gegen Bandwürmer und das Anthelminthikum Emodepsid, ein neuer Wirkstoff gegen alle Stadien von Spul- und Hakenwürmern.

Da hat dann meine bessere Hälfte was falsch verstanden Er hat es besorgt, bzw. Die Tierärtzin kenne ich schon sehr viele Jahre, eigentlich vertraue ich ihr Aber ist es dennoch gut?

Gegen Würmer sicher ,vor allem was die Gabe betrifft,kein mühseliges Tabletten in Katze hienein bekommen mehr,demnach auch kein Anruf bei der menschliches Notfallleitstelle: Wenn ich nicht soviele sich gegenseitig putzende Katzen hätte ,würde ich es auch verwenden.

Danke für Deine Antwort!! Dann werd ich mir aber dennoch mal das advocate besorgen nicht mehr lassen;-auch wenn im Moment keiner einen Floh hat. Aber die Zeit kommt ja jetzt auch erst wieder Habe gestern auch diese Entwurmungstropfen gekauft.

Mein Tierarzt hat sie Profender Tropfen von Würmern empfohlen, da sie auch gegen den für Menschen sehr gefährlichen Fuchsbandwurm helfen! Das Entwurmungsmittel hilft gegen band- spul-und hakenwürmer. Habe click the following article auch mal eine Frage zu diesen Spot-on Produkten. Was ist da denn nun eigendlich besser, dieses Advocate von Bayer oder Stronghold von Pfizer? Hering mit Würmern Foto bekomme ich nur auf Rezept in der Apotheke und Profender Tropfen von Würmern Advocate meine ich haettei ich hier beim Fressnapf gesehen natuerlich wesentlich guenstiger.

Eben ist eines meienr Katzenbabies nach der Behandlung mit Profender Spot on innerhalb von drei Minuten tot umgefallen. Das Baby war 12 Wochen alt - und es war der Profender für Katzenbabies Ich bin echt nur Profender Tropfen von Würmern am heulen Higgins -das ist ja furchtbar!

Das kann doch nur eine Unverträglichkeit gewesen sein, oder? Oje, das ist ja schlimm! Hast du den Profender für In Teppich der den Parasiten bedeutet das erste Mal probiert? Ich habe auch schon mit Profender entwurmt: Ich hab es für meinen Kater, weil der sich beharlich gegen die Tabletten weigert. Original von Higgins Eben ist eines meienr Katzenbabies nach der Behandlung mit Profender Spot on innerhalb von drei Minuten tot umgefallen.

Jeoos - ich habe mich vertan! Mein Vet hat mir während der Behandlung das falsche Mittel genannt und es im Nachhinein berichtigt. Und Honey Devon Rex mit 2,2 kg hat sich ein bisschen was davon an die Pfote geholt und schmatzt nun so komisch, weil sie wohl etwas ins Mäulchen bekommen hat. Aber passieren kann da doch nix, oder? Bitte um schnelle Antwort, weil ich gleich zur Schicht muss. Solange Menschen denken, dass Tiere nicht fühlen, müssen Tiere fühlen, dass Menschen nicht Profender Tropfen von Würmern. Aber mehr passiert im Regelfall nicht.

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